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Though we will do everything in our power to ensure your delivery is made in a safe and professional manner without damage to your furniture, accidents will happen from time to time.  When your item arrives the truck delivery person will ask you to review and closely inspect the item before you sign in acceptance and I strongly encourage you to do so.  We will overly pad and safely secure your item(s) to a pallet which will stay secure until it arrives to it's destination, at which time you will take it's possession.  If an accident causing damage to your item(s) does occur during transport, your item will be replaced at no charge to you, though there will possibly be an inconvenience for you due to the delay in replacing the item(s).  If you recieve your item and you have a change of heart deciding you don't want it after all, please contact us immediately.  We are not only in the business to provide our customers with a unique and quality product, we are in business to make an honest living as does the vast majority of all businesses.  we are not able to refund money after the item(s) is received/accepted because a customer changes their minds or decides it doesn't match the decor as they anticipated.  We will always provide detailed information on all of our products enabling our customers to make an informed choice in style, size, material, and color.  It will be our customers responsibility to double check their color or stain choices with their local hardware or big box store to ensure the color is suitable for your taste and need.  Due to the different pixel strengths and screen differences in all computer, smartphone, and tablet monitors, the colors we provide may look a bit different on all of these devices so please take the effort to make sure your color choice is correct for your needs.  If you have chosen one of our stain colors and are uncertain about it's color compatibility with your decor or taste, please contact us for a compatible manufacturer's stain for comparison.  Legallee Furniture will only make a refund after receiving the returned item in the conditioin in which it was received by the customer, and only if the reason for the desired return and refund is due to our negligence in it's assembly, poor craftmanship during it's construction, or the item does not function as it was intended. 

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